Fuel Adjustment Worksheets

Fuel Adjustment for Earthwork Items

The specification for Fuel Adjustment, Section 2120 of the Standard Specifications, applies to an item when the contract quantity of the item is 50,000 CY or more. All categories (i.e. Roadway & Borrow, Unsuitable, Waste, Channel, Contractor furnished, etc.) of the following items are eligible for fuel adjustment:
  • Class 10, 12 and 13 excavation
  • Select backfill and treatment
  • Topsoil
  • Embankment-in-place
The Current Price Index (CPI) will be available at the Office of Contracts' website . The list provides CPI’s for past years. The Base Price Index (BPI) for fuel adjustment calculations will be the CPI listed for the month prior to the letting date of the contract.

Fuel Adjustment Calculation

In accordance with Article 2120.04, the contractor shall provide to the Engineer, on a monthly basis, a spreadsheet with quantities and the calculated amount of fuel adjustment for the month. Payment will be processed with a Contract Modification.
Standardized Fuel Adjustment spreadsheets have been developed by the Office of Construction and are available in EXCEL format in English or metric units (E105 English and M105 metric).

Fuel adjustment will be made for items of work covered in Section 2120 when the CPI for the month the work is performed is more than $0.15 per gallon ($0.04 per liter) different than the BPI established at the beginning of the project.

Instructions for Fuel Adjustment Calculation Spreadsheet

Download the appropriate spreadsheet (English or metric units) and save file to user’s computer.

Please note the amount of fuel adjustment will not differ between the Apr 2009 and Oct 2010 versions. The formulas were rewritten to improve the clarity only and will not change the calculated amount of fuel adjustment.


Projects let before 4/21/09
Projects let on/after 4/21/09
and before 10/19/10
Projects let on or after 10/19/10

  1. Complete contract information in header of spreadsheet.
  2. Obtain BPI, from the Office of Contracts website by selecting Price Index for month previous to month of the letting. (For example: Letting Date is October 18, select CPI for September)
  3. Enter the BPI in the designated space (Cell N6 English or Cell O6 metric). Form M105 will convert the BPI to the metric equivalent ($/GAL to $/Liter).
  4. Enter the contract quantity of the items in the designated rows in the “Estimated Project Quantities”. Other items included in the contract, but not listed, shall be added.
  5. Obtain the Current Price Index (CPI) for a month from the Office of Contracts website
  6. Enter the CPI in the column “CPI” for the designated month. Form M105 will convert the CPI to the metric equivalent ($/GAL to $/Liter).
  7. Enter the quantities that have been hauled in the appropriate item columns and month row. For example, Selected Backfill and Class 10 Excavation were hauled in June. In the June row, the Selected Backfill quantity is entered in Cell E35 English or Cell I36 metric and Class 10 Excavation quantity in Cell F35 English or Cell F36 metric. The total quantity for the month will be automatically computed and shown in the column labeled “Total CY” (or “Total M ³ ”).
  8. When adding an item not already shown in the spreadsheet, use one of the columns designated for the applicable Fuel Usage Factor (FUF). The spreadsheet uses yellow shading for items which use a FUF of 0.20 English (1.0 metric) and green shading for Embankment-in-Place items which use a FUF of 0.27 English (1.3 metric).
  9. The fuel adjustment amount for the month will be automatically computed and shown in the column “NFA” (Net Fuel Adjustment) or “FA” (Fuel Adjustment).
  10. Submit a copy of the completed form to the Project Engineer. Payment or credit will be made by processing a Contract Modification. The form shall be completed and submitted on a monthly basis. The monthly quantities shall be added to the previous month’s spreadsheet.
  11. The Contractor and Project Engineer shall agree upon the frequency of payment or credit.

For assistance, contact the Project Engineer or the Office of Construction (515-239-1280)